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Resign now, youth organizations tell CBN Gov. Emefiele or face mass action.


The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), some civil society groups, and nine other organizations have demanded the immediate resignation of the Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Mr Godwin Emefiele.

They insisted Emefiele that cannot continue to run an important institution like the CBN from overseas.



“And since you have not formally sought an asylum, which the NYCN will gladly support you if it has merits, the only other reason that must have kept you abroad or away from office for so long must be ill-health, except you wish to admit that you are running from justice,’’ the organizations which said they are acting on behalf of over 100 million Nigerian youths, said.

The youths wondered why Emefiele has continued to shun the invitation of the Department of State Services (DSS) over alleged criminal activities.



They said all the bank’s Deputy Governors and Directors who were similarly invited by the DSS had been questioned and allowed to go after clearing themselves.

In a letter addressed to Emefiele, signed by the 11 bodies and given to Persecondnews on Wednesday in Abuja, the youths accused the CBN governor of abusing Sections 9 and 11(2), (a & c) of the CBN Act, pointing out that Section 9 of the CBN Act forbids him from venturing into any activity that will distract him from his full-time duties.



It is titled, “A Patriotic Request For You To Toe The Path Of Honour And Within One Week, Notify The President Of Your Intention To Resign As Governor Of Central Bank Of Nigeria In Compliance With Section 11 (3) Of The CBN Act.’’

The signatories to the letter include Comrade Dr. Solomon Adodo, President NYCN Convener, Hon. Yusuf Ibn Tom Secretary General, NYCN, Comrade Okpanachi Jacob Convener, Civil Society Advocacy Groups for Accountability and Probity and Comrade Balarabe Musa, National Coordinator, Citizens Network Against Corruption and Terrorism Financing.



Others are Mallam Suleiman Musa, Executive Secretary, Empowerment for Unemployed Youths Initiative, Chief Igwe Ude-umanta DG, Nigerian Youth Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development, Abdullahi Umar Khalid, Northern Youth Congress for Peace, Comr. Gbolahan Adeyemi President, Association of Artisans and Informal Workers.

Chukwudi Oluoha Esq., Executive Director, Coalition for Transparency and Accountability, Dr. Friday Onuh President, Independent Security Monitoring and Assessment Team and Abdulkadir Shuaibu Executive Director, Independent Public Service Watch also signed the document.



They demanded:“Therefore you have no more legal or moral currency to remain as the Governor of CBN. The NYCN maintains its stand that your not-too-covert aspiration for the Presidency of the country while in office was a monumental distraction contrary to the above quoted section.

“You could recall that in conjunction with other Civil Society Groups, the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) led a protest to your office on December 23, 2022, requesting your immediate resignation, and giving the reasons for the call.



“We need not remind you that you are fully aware of the true reason why the Department of State Services (DSS) seeks to question and to investigate you fully,’’ the statement said.

“This patriotic request is pursuant to Section 11(3) of the CBN Act which provides that: “the Governor or any Deputy Governor may resign his office by giving at least three months’ notice in writing to the President of his intention to do so…”

It reminded the apex bank governor that introducing politics into his alleged crimes against the Nigerian state cannot change the fact.

The youths also stated: “And after all the drama, you will still have to answer to the alleged crimes. It is on record that other Deputy Governors and Directors of the CBN who were invited by the DSS were all allowed to go after clearing themselves.



“Your decision to resort to blackmail is therefore very strange and inexplicable. Just recently in far away London, the founder of Daar Communications Plc, Chief Raymond Dokpesi, underwent a routine security questioning, and thereafter was released.

“We wish to remind you that ordinarily you know that it is normal for security examination to be conducted of Very Important Persons and high public office holders. It appears that you are hunted by your own activities which are suspected to be treasonable.

“Let us at this juncture make it clear to you that the invitation by the DSS has absolutely nothing to do with any of the policies of the CBN. The claims of your hirelings are not only irresponsible, but an unfortunate mischief taken to a ridiculous level.

“It is on record that in all your voodoo economic policies, destructive Forex regime and alleged corruption, the DSS has never for once interfered; the agency has never expressed any economic opinion directly or indirectly because it is outside its mandate, and it has conducted itself always very professionally.



“Therefore, your claims of persecution have no nexus, history, variables and certainly, no fact. The truth is that you are a fugitive from justice.’’

The youths said either way if Emefiele decides to feign sickness, he should resign on the grounds of ill-health.

“Consequently, you are in breach of Section 11 (2) (a & c) of the CBN Act, and should cease to be in office. The Section states that: “The Governor, Deputy Governor or Director shall cease to hold office in the bank if he: (a)becomes of unsound mind or owing to ill-health, is incapable of carrying out his duties; (c)is guilty of a serious misconduct in relation to his duties under this Act.

“Either way, both conditions apply in your instant case and you should be honourable, even if it is for once. Consequently, we demand that you begin the process of your resignation as stated under the CBN Act 2007, or face a Nationwide Youth Mass Action.

“For someone who has aspired for the office of the President of Nigeria, you should cease to continue to bring shame to yourself and the exalted office of CBN Governor,’’ the organizations said.


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