Gangsters’ attack: Nigeria loses another national in South Africa

by Per Second News
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Following last week’s attack on foreigners by gangsters in South Africa, a Nigerian, Nicholas John, an indigene of Ogun State, who sells cars in Kimberly, Northern Cape, has been killed.

He was attacked by a South African gang on Feb. 11, for allegedly buying a stolen laptop.

According to report, John’s South African-born wife gave birth three months ago.

John was beaten alongside his friends who they believed was an accomplice, while the South African criminal who stole the laptop and sold to Nicholas was left unharmed, the Nigeria Union South Africa (NUSA) said on Thursday.

The union’s President, Mr Collins Mgbo, said in a statement from Pretoria and given to Persecondnews that John battled for his life in the Intensive Care Unit at Kimberley Hospital before he passed on.

He explained that Nicholas had bought a stolen laptop from another South African, so, the owner of the laptop apprehended the South African who stole the laptop and he took them to the Nigerian who bought it.

“The Nigerian who bought it had apparently sold it to another Nigerian.

“They asked him to call the Nigerian he sold it to and he did, but when he arrived, he told them that he didn’t have the laptop anymore but agreed to pay them for it.

“The owner of the laptop agreed but the owner came with a group which wanted to rob him of his phones and he refused, and that is when they beat him to a comatose state where he was left to die,” the statement said.

Other Nigerians at the scene called an ambulance and took him to the hospital but they were informed by the medical doctor at the hospital that his brain was damaged and he might not make it.


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