Pres. Buhari’s ace photographer, Bayo Omoboriowo, on study leave in UK

by Per Second News
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Bayo Omoboriowo, President Muhammadu Buhari’s photographer, is currently in the United Kingdom on further studies, according to Persecondnews investigations.

Bayo, who the president is enamoured of his artistry and skills, left the country few weeks ago to commence his education programme.

He has not been visible at events involving the president of recent at the Presidential Villa.

However, It is not known if he resigned his appointment to pursue the training in UK but checks by Per Second News in the Villa indicate that Bayo’s name still feature on the list of offcials travelling with the president for future trips.

His name was seen as part of the president’s delegation in at least two future foreign trips, it was gathered.

As a confirmation of his arrival in Britain for the educational programme, Bayo Omoboriowo, posted on the social media about how he has been adjusting to life.

He wrote: “I DON’T WANT MUFFIN, I CAN COOK: Being in the UK will teach you to manage funds. When I was coming as a tourist I was doing anyhow but I am more than humbled now. To survive here and not loose weight, you must know how to cook by force.

“ A cup of coffee and 2 muffins costs about f10 pounds which is just meant to be a day starter, an average meal at Nandos which is a basic restaurant is about f20 pounds and then a manageable dinner would be about f20 pounds which means f50 pounds (N35, 000) in one day. If you want to eat correct, multiply that by 3 which is over N105, 000 per day. And you say I should not cook, in fact I want to open a restaurant in this UK….’’


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