Christmas tragedy: Prostrated by alcohol, sexagenarian-herbalist’s dick chopped off by his own dog

by Per Second News
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A boozehound and prostrate alcoholic, who is a popular herbalist, has died of dog bitting off his dick in his drunken state.


The Calabar-based herbalist became meat for his own dog right in his home during Christmas.


Persecondnews reports that the 60-year-old herbalist,Ani Ikoneto, had his private parts eaten by his dog.


The man, who lives at 12, Jebbs St., in Calabar South, had gone on a drinking spree on Christmas Eve and returned home dead drunk. 


A neighbour said: “When he came back, we had gone to bed but some people were still outside.


“He went inside his room and slept off without shutting the door and because of too much drink, he excreted on himself.


“His dog that was outside smelt the poo and went inside to eat it. In the process, the dog ate his private parts thinking it was meat or part of the excreta.”


The agonizing cry from the drunk prostrated with grief attracted neighbours, who rushed to his apartment.


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“When we heard him scream, we thought hoodlums had attacked him.


“But when we got there, we saw that his private part was gone and his dog had blood on its mouth,” the neighbour narrated.


Before taking him to the hospital, neigbhours tried to clean up the excreta to enable medical personnel attend to him.


“By the time we finished cleaning him of the shit, he was bleeding so much and on the way to the hospital he died.”


In the meantime, the remains of the herbalist have been buried at his Ikoneto village.


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