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Yahoo pulls out of China due to increased challenging legal, business environment


Yahoo has pulled out of China, citing an ” increasingly challenging business and legal environment”.

“In recognition of the increasingly challenging business and legal environment in China, Yahoo’s suite of services will no longer be accessible from mainland China as of November 1,” the company said.

Chinese authorities maintain a firm grip on internet censorship in the country and require companies operating to censor content and keywords deemed politically sensitive or inappropriate.

Yahoo added that it “remains committed to the rights of our users and a free and open internet”.

Yahoo’s withdrawal coincided with the implementation of China’s Personal Information Protection Law, which limits what information companies can gather and sets standards for how it must be stored.

Chinese law also stipulates that companies operating in the country must hand over data if requested by authorities, making it difficult for western firms to operate in China as they may also face pressure back home over giving in to China’s demands.


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