Popular Lagos Socialite, Otunba Jide Osinubi ‘Sokoyokoto’ dead at 81.

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The Nigeria entertainment industry have been left devastated after a popular socialite Otunba Jide Osinubi died suddenly in his sleep on Monday in Lagos.

The ‘Sokoyokoto’ of Lagos just turned 81 months ago.


He was well-loved among the Lagos social establishment. During his lifetime he joined hundreds of celebrities in celebrating their events. He was a constant star on the party scene from the early 80s up till death.

By nature, he is ebullient and full of life. He was always happy and ready to celebrate with others. He loves to dance. He is a good dancer.



“If somebody or an Astrologer had told me that I will be 80-year old I will say it is not possible because I lost my mother on the 3rd day after I was born, he said last year in an interview with the City People Magazine.

“My mother died 3rd day and I stayed with family members all around, Osinubi revealed.

Osinubi was also a song composer, he has composed hit songs for Commander Ebenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade.

His first son, Tunde Osinubi has confirmed the death. He would be buried in his native Ijebu Igbo in Ogun State.



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