Bandits dislodged from states in the north found safe haven in Nasarawa state – Governor

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Bandits dislodged from the North West and some North East states has found safe haven in Nasarawa state, said Governor Abdullahi Sule after a meeting Tuesday with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa.



“I came to brief the President on two areas; the area of security in our State and then the first post-COVID 19 election that we just had in Nasarawa State.

“We looked at the issue that you must have been hearing, about which has to do with our security challenges, of kidnappings and some killings that have taken place, where one of the traditional rulers was recently killed. I had to express great appreciation to the President, for accepting to set up the third Mobile Police training college in Nasarawa State.

“We only have two presently in the country, one in Gwoza, Borno State and another in Osun State and now we have the third one in Nasarawa State and it is set up at a place where is very hilly, where was hitherto used by kidnappers and armed robbers so at Gwoza they call it the desert training, in Osun they call it forest training and the one in Nasarawa they call it jungle hill training.  The project has been completed and we inaugurated it last week.

“The criminals in Nasarawa State are new, they are not from Nasarawa State, so as a result of that our own people are more familiar with the ground and are able to follow where they are.”

Abdullahi Sule, lamented that some of the bandits dislodged form the North-West and North-East were responsible for the security challenges confronting the State, due to the hilly and rocky terrain of the State.

He said, however said, hunters, as well as the vigilante groups have been able to track them because they are more familiar with the hilly terrain.

“I also used the visit to express our appreciation to the President for the military super camps that he agreed to set up in Nasarawa and both of them have been established and also the Airforce Special Forces in Lafia and the military Special Forces in Doma.”

The Governor revealed that the State government has been giving the needed support to the military and other security agencies operating in the state.

“I am very happy to inform you that even those who killed the traditional ruler were arrested last week. So continuously we support all the security agencies because security for us in Nasarawa State is paramount because we are having many investors who can only succeed if there is security,” he said.


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