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French president Macron loses absolute majority in parliament

Emmanuel Macron


French President Emmanuel Macron narrowly lost his absolute majority in the lower house of parliament Tuesday, with the defection of seven MPs from his party La République en Marche.

The president’s La République en Marche group has lost 26 members in parliament since he was elected.

The new group called “Ecology, Democracy, Solidarity” plans to  advocate for “social and environmental justice” and will be the ninth in France’s lower house of parliament. It will side “neither with the majority, nor the opposition” in parliament but rather vote depending on the issues according to the group’s political  statement.
Since the Yellow Jackets protest movement, there has been growing discontent  among some members of LREM’s left wing who say the president’s party, that was meant to break the traditional left-right divide, ended up being more center-right than left.


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