Bayelsa governor vows to work for peace after meeting with Buhari

PRESIDENT BUHARI RECEIVES NEW BAYELSA STATE GOV DIRI 1-3. President Muhammadu Buhari receives the new Governor of Bayelsa State, Sen Duoye Diri to the State House. PHOTO; SUNDAY AGHAEZE. MARCH 17 2020


Bayelsa Governor Douye Diri, has promised to work for peace in the state in particular and the Niger Delta region in general.

He made the statement after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday at the Villa.

Buhari was meeting Diri officially for the first time since he resumed as governor February 14th.

“It is a private visit. Since I resumed as Governor of Bayelsa State, precisely on the 14th of February, I have not come to see the father of the nation. Today I just did that, to come and see the father of our country and to work with the federal government of Nigeria in ensuring peace and stability in my state and ensuring the development of my state. That is what informed my visit to Mr. President today.”

On how he was received and the promise he made to Bayelsa State, Diri said: “Mr. President received me as one of his sons, as a governor of a state and he received me very warmly. I am very satisfied with the reception.

“As I said earlier, Mr. President received me as one of his sons, as a state governor and the reception was very warm. He went ahead to say that he was happy that I came and that he was happy with the way I have started. He went on to say he has read about all the statements that I have made and the security so far in Bayelsa.

“He promised as one of his sons, a state like Bayelsa that is critical to the security and peace in the Niger Delta, he was prepared to also work with me.”



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