Trump administration expands travel ban to Nigeria, 5 others

by Per Second News
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President Donald Trump Friday expanded his controversial travel ban, placing immigration restrictions on half a dozen new countries, including Nigeria.


The latest iteration of the ban will suspend immigrant visas for citizens from four countries — Nigeria, Myanmar (also known as Burma), Eritrea and Kyrgyzstan — without barring all citizens from those countries from entering the United States. It will also bar people from Sudan and Tanzania from the U.S. diversity visa program, which awards green cards to immigrants. The new order, which Trump signed Friday afternoon, will go into effect on Feb. 22.

The officials said each country on the updated list displays an “unwillingness or inability” to adhere to “baseline” security criteria. They cited insufficient information sharing from the countries’ governments about criminal and terrorism data, a lack of electronic passport systems and issues with Interpol reporting methods.


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