We are not fronting for Vice President Osinbajo – Slavabogu Nigeria Limited, Says Report is False, Misleading

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…says staff that started altercation has been dismissed

Slavabogu Nigeria Limited has rejected accusations on some social media sites that the company is fronted by the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

The multinational engineering company labeled the viral report as fake news attack targeted at the Vice President.


“Truth is there is no iota of truth in these allegations that the Vice President is helping the company secure contracts across the country or that a supposed Turkish Partner was conned by Engineer Zekeriya Nketom, the company said Friday.

Slavabogu also made the clarification on its Facebook page, and to journalists following an incident that took place between two of its staff at one of the company’s work sites.

“A few days ago, an incident occurred on the site of our company.  Two individuals who are our employees were involved in an altercation that involved the infliction of visible harm. As a matter of principle and policy, the safety of all our staff is our first concern.

“We take all occurrences that involve violent conduct or involves a threat to the safety of any individual seriously. When we learned of this incident, the employee who was the ascertainable aggressor was summarily dismissed from the company’s employment even as we contacted the local law enforcement officials.”

“We also took relevant steps to ensure that the injured party received adequate medical care. We want to assure everyone involved and the Nigerian public that Slavabogu Nigeria Limited is a law-abiding company and will not permit or condone any conduct of an unlawful nature. The nationality of the perpetrator of any unlawful action is irrelevant and wrongdoing of any kind is frowned upon and attracts full disciplinary measures.”

“Slavabogu prides itself a lawful corporate citizen actively participating in the Nigerian economic sphere, therefore it had to issue this statement as an official response. Fake news tends to go viral and travel faster than the truth, hence the need for the timely response from the Management.

“In the contrary, they were the one who duped the company of several millions of dollars and ran away without fulfilling their contractual obligations. We are already in court with them. They just want to use this latest development to perpetrate their numerous heinous attempts of cheap blackmail against the company while baselessly dragging the Vice President’s name for whatever odious purposes they may have. Nigerians should ignore this falsehood, calumny  and smear campaign. “


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