Some Statesmen Promoting anarchy in Nigeria, says Aviation Minister

Hadi Sirika

Nigeria’s minister of state for aviation, Mr. Hadi Sirika Wednesday accused  some unnamed ‘statesmen’ of trying to plunge the country into chaos.

” You can only be a Statesman if there is a State, Sirika tweeted.

” It’s sad that some so called ‘Statesmen’ make statements/act in such manner as to cause Nigeria to disintegrate! Nigeria shall out live them!!!

Disagreement among major political parties and leaders on a range of political issues has risen sharply in recent years, a political divide that intensified during the campaign period.

As the country’s partisan divide has increased in recent years, hostility between the ruling APC and the opposition PDP has remained high.

Rhetoric of Political leaders in support of the ruling APC is just as dangerous as the opposition PDP party.

News stories about violent attacks that have largely stemmed from differences in political beliefs are common. Political vitriol against the ‘other side’ has real world implications and influences people’s beliefs, UT researchers and students said.

William Swann, professor of social and personality psychology, said people who consistently follow the news and listen to politicians speak might be influenced by the ‘mere exposure effect,’ a psychological phenomenon that causes people to become more receptive to ideas they are repeatedly exposed to.

A person’s violent actions can stem from hyper-partisanship due to a psychological concept called identity fusion, in which people’s actions are determined by a group’s identity, Swann said.

“It is common for people who are deeply aligned, or ‘fused with’ a group, such as a political party, to engage in extreme behaviors,” he said.


Written by Per Second News


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