Blac Chyna in Legal Battle With Paparazzi Agency

Blaq Chyna

Reality star, Blaq Chyna has failed to reach a deal with the paparazzi agency suing her for ripping off their work.

According to court documents in the US, the company claimed they own the rights to the pics and never licensed them to Blac Chyna. They said by posting the pics to her nearly 14 million followers, BC diminished the value of the photos for further sale.

The Blast reported, Blac Chyna was sued by the photo agency, Backgrid, who claimed the reality star posted pics of herself on September 13, 2017, and October 27, 2017, that were taken by their photographers.

Backgrid said that in one of the social media posts in question, Blac Chyna used one of the images to promote a fashion brand — so they claim she essentially profited off of the unauthorized use of their photo.

The agency sued seeking $150,000 per infringement, plus damages.

Chyna has demanded the case be dismissed, arguing the alleged reposting was fair use.

The case is ongoing.



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