In Pictures : It’s PDP, Not APC, Who Are Focusing on Buhari in Campaign Ads

Buhari Kawai on PDP's banner

Based on what you hear from the political environment, you’d think that the opposition PDP are all but committed to running on nothing but an “anti-Buhari” message in 2018.

But, if you look at the actual messaging that the PDP and APC are using in their campaigns thus far, you’ll see that APC are much more likely to bring up Buhari positively than PDP are to bash him, especially in most states in the Northern and South West.

Buhari Kawai on PDP’s banner

In above pictures taking in a Northern state PDP’s mini office, a banner with the PDP logo has ‘Buhari Kawai, Buhari Kawai’ written on it, meaning ‘Only Buhari and no one else’.

The pictures was shared on twitter by Hadi Sirika, minister of state for Aviation.



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