Group denies media report that IGP indicts politicians in Senate siege

by Per Second News
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The United Young Professionals denied media reports saying the IGP’s report indicted some politicians in the Senate invasion last week.

The group called on Nigerians to ignore the publications in an online blog.

” This publication might be the ploy of those that planned the occurrence  at the National Assembly facilities on Tuesday the 7th of August where operatives of the Department of State Security Services barricaded the entrance of the complex barring lawmakers from entering; to divert attention of Nigerians from Police investigation that is ongoing,  said Kehinde Adewole .

“Our media practitioners should allow the Police do her investigation to a logical conclusion and if any of the media platform has any information to assist the Police on the invasion, they should send it through the Force Public Relations Officer rather than publishing glaring false and contorted information, the statement concluded.

The group said that report of the IGP to the acting President is in the publications and the 5 page report NEVER mentioned any political party in the communication to the Acting President.

He further said that the report is in the public and Nigerians can read line by line the content; there is no place the IGP made mentioned of any political party.

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