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After 35 years in office, one of Africa’s oldest presidents says he’ll seek seventh term.

One of Africa’s oldest presidents is running for president again amid outrage in his country.

Paul Biya announced his bid for the presidency in the 2018 elections even when horrific videos and images of abuse, murder in Cameroon flood social media.

Biya, who does not spend a lot of time in Cameroon, has been president for 35 years and would be running for the seventh term in the upcoming elections.

The president, who announced his bid on Twitter has been under criticism by human rights groups who have accused him of gross human rights violations, including the chaos in the English-speaking region of the country.

Just recently, a video has been doing rounds on social media of Cameroonian soldiers executing two women and two children. The video has been authenticated by rights group Amnesty International.

President Biya, referred to as the absentee president, has not made any remarks about the crisis in Anglo-phone Cameroon except back his cabinet and call for dialogue, even during the recently held cabinet meeting,  the first in three years.

Prime Minister, Philemon Yang is in charge of the day-to-day running of government affairs as Biya either spends time in Geneva or in his home village in Cameroon.

The elections will be held on October 7.


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