Youths Excited With Diamond Bank’s Game-Enabled Digital Savings Platform

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Diamond bank has raised higher the bar in the delivery of unique financial services that suits customers changing lifestyles and needs with a simplified digital financial platform that will enable youths to plan their financial future, save, chat, and update their financial knowledge while playing games.

The financial service known as Dreamville, does not only enable youths to learn and develop healthy savings habit and build prudent expenditure profile, it also helps customers understand diverse investment portfolios, link their respective accounts with social media channels and chat with friends.

Rob Giles, Head, Retail Banking, Chioma Afe, Head, Corporate Communications Division; Uzoma Dozie, CEO, all of Diamond Bank Plc; Ryan Newton, Manager Strategic Advisory, Wmen World Banking; Wale Olakodona, Director, Enterprise Commercial, Microsoft Nigeria; Theresa Adeyinka, Senior Account Executive, Microsoft Nigeria; and Chiugo Ndubisi, ED/CFO, Diamond Bank Plc at the Launch of Dreamville (An Educational and Gamification platform designed for youths) held in Lagos recently.

“The Dreamville online community and the development of the multifunctional game-enabled platform are “revolutionary” and tallies with the Bank’s proposition to meet the changing needs and lifestyles of customers, said Chioma Afe, chief spokesperson for the bank.

“At Diamond, we value our Youth customers. We do not just acquire customers, we engage customers. That is why in collaboration with internal and external partners such as IT, Transaction Banking, Women’s World Banking, Commonwealth (formerly D2D Fund), Gamsole, Microsoft and other local vendors, we have developed a multifunctional engagement platform to cater to both the needs of customers and non-customers alike”


L – R : Abiola Olaniran, Founder & CEO, Gamsole; Adaeze Ume, Head, Youth Segment; Robert Giles, Head, Retail Banking; Chioma Afe, Head, Corporate Communications; Uzoma Dozie, CEO, all of Diamond Bank Plc; Ryan Newton, Manager Strategic Advisory, Women World Banking; and Wale Olakodona, Director, Enterprise Commercial, Microsoft Nigeria at the Launch of Dreamville (An Educational and Gamification platform designed for youths) held in Lagos recently.

She added that the platform is aimed at motivating customer engagement, provide fun and entertainment with up-to-date financial information that will enable the customer to accomplish his/her future financial goals and needs with excitement.

Ryan Newton, Manager for Strategic Advisory at Women’s World Banking stressed that the service will enable youth to build financial capability that will serve as a foundation for banking successfully as adults.

“By using a gamified platform, we not only drive engagement with youth, but we help these young clients build their financial capabilities and set them up for long-term success. Users earn points, badges and rewards for positive financial behaviors such as managing their finances and budgets, setting savings goals, and achieving those goals. They can also participate in championships and tournaments to reinforce these lessons in good banking.”


According to the Bank, the service will help customers imbibe a savings culture from an early age, by building financial capability and literacy in customers. “This entails teaching, assessment of risks and opportunities, development of entrepreneurial skills, teamwork and collaboration, goal setting and readying for the workplace”.

With the launch of the service, Diamond Bank has reaffirmed its leading revolutionary role in driving digital financial services as Nigeria’s fastest growing retail bank.

In partnership with Women’s World Banking with support from Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSD Africa) funded by UK aid from the UK government, Diamond Bank worked with Gamsole, Commonwealth (formerly D2D Fund) and Microsoft to open another window of money management opportunities for youth.










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