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Social Media Goes Berserk Over Buhari’s Dead Board Appointees

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he continual meltdown of the Buhari administration has reached, unbelievably, an even higher pitch over the last few days, with the appointment of 6 dead individuals as board chairmen and members by the Buhari administration in the list announced by the government.  According to Nigerians on social media the endless personal drama surrounding  the Buhari led administration is getting out of hands.

The Verdict: ‘This is The Most Clueless, Incompetent, and Self-Defeating Administration in Nigerian History, according to comments by most Nigerians.

The  recent crisis both in the appointments and fuel scarcity has thrust President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration of inexperienced political operatives into nonstop damage-control mode.

When trying to describe this endless parade of buffoonery, incompetence, and comedy, one problem is adequate description.

The Buhari presidency continues to unravel, as a transparent mixture of denials and dissembling has plunged its credibility into free fall  going into 2018, Nigerians say on social media.

“The hapless incompetence of this administration is virtually impossible to exaggerate, said Prof Chuka Emenike on twitter.

The list announced includes Francis Okpozo, Donald Ugbaja, Christopher Utov and Kabir Umar all of whom has passed on.

According to Simon Reef, a journalist, “The embarrassing Board appointments of dead people by APC Govt only show that there is need to overhaul the system!



“This is dangerous. I just hope PMP hasn’t got an aura of ill luck.
These are avoidable mistakes… What are his aides doing? How about the SGF ? I am not so sure but I think he should share in this blame. What about the DSS? These people must have passed tru one security screening or the other… Crazy system we got in this part of the world, said Jacob Edi on Facebook.

” When will Buhari stop embarrassing himself and Nigerians,asked Precious Eze, a blogger.

“It is evidence and very glaring that President Buhari is not fit to lead Nigeria beyond 2018 if God spare our life, said Talib Mohammed.

Tola Osunnuga said ” Recycling people who have nothing to give but to take does not make a nation prosper; money for the old boys.

 “Nigerians are pace setters any day, we even make posthumous appointments. Some people should be fired for this crass incompetence, said Olufunke Olaofe Isichei.

“On this List, there are 5 dead people, one of whom the President himself issued a Public statement in 2016 to mourn his demise (See the Link below). There are also people standing trial for corruption. The list is generally populated with Gerontocrats and aged politicians, said Toyosi Ogunsiji on Facebook. “For a President who rode on the backs and leveraged the immense goodwill and support of millions of Young People on social media and at grass root level to totally forget to include a few smart Nigerian Youth in his party to revitalise some of these Boards with innovation and fresh ideas, it’s such a crying shame, she concluded.

Former minister of Aviation Chief Femi Fani-Kayode on his wall said, “First you forgot your own age.Then you appoint an 81 year old who drawls, who can barely walk and who wears clothes from the 1940’s as our Ambassador to the U.S.A.. And now you appoint a man who died one year ago, Sen. Francis Okposo, as Chairman of the Press Council. Your dementia has gone viral! Yet it gets worse:

“You just appointed Donald Ugbaja as a member of the Consumer Protection Council. You also appointed Chris Utov as a member of the Nigeria Institute of Social and Economic Research. Sadly, like Senator Okposu who was appointed Chairman of the Press Council, they are both dead, he concluded.

“Buhari’s Board – Dead Names Increase to 7. Asuzu Okpalaibekwe is the latest on the list, said Chidi Cali on FB.

“More significantly,  the administration is ending 2017 under a dark and sinister cloud of suspicion with questions of their competence and trustworthiness at the center stage.



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