Fired Flour Mills Workers Demand Benefits, Accuse company of Slave Labour.

by Per Second News
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Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN) established in 1960 by Greek business man George S. Coumantaros, with a mission to be the leading food and agro-allied group in Africa, but a new investigative report uncovers what may be a dark secret behind the making of their products.

Evidence shows alleged slave labour practices behind the making of products by casual workers.


Perhaps even more disturbing are the descriptive images of what appears to be modern-day slave labour.  Scenes depict cruel working conditions on site, according to workers.

“Workers are treated like objects, worse than animals,” said a former casual worker.

Dozens of casual workers who lost their jobs after their contracts were terminated without compensation and notice are demanding their benefits and accusing the Greek owned company of acting in bad faith.

The workers are seeking an end to wage theft, unlawful firings and harassment that had plagued them for years during their employement.

They claimed they were employed as sales officers by Flour Mills plc, Golden Penny for three years of which they were promised everything but only got paid with lip service.

“We were paid stipend as monthly salaries and denied the opportunity of going on annual leave for these 3 miserable years, the workers alleged.”

“We were also denied the annual productivity bonus, including ten (10)months deducted and unremitted pensions funds to Pensions Managers.”

The aggrieved workers claim Flour Mills has a long track record of deceit and illegal behavior in respect to the treatment of workers.

“We were paid N65,000 as against N200,000, promised.”

“This conduct of FLOURMILLS OF  NIGERIA PLC is a gross violation of section 17 (3)(a) and (d) of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution as amended. Our Constitution provides for a right to just conditions of work: The right to fair remunerations, the right to equal pay for equal work, the right to adequate compensation in the event of a decision to lay off of workers for whatever reasons, the workers said.

Workers alleged that unqualified expatriates have flooded the industry and taking over the jobs of Nigerians.

Per Second News gathered that the workers have dragged the company to the National industrial court of Nigeria sitting at Jos to seek justice and judicial interpretation into the activities of Flour mills of Nigeria plc(Golden Penny ).

The case has been adjourned to February 7, 2018.





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