British septuagenarian monarch, King Charles III crowned amid pomp and ceremony

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Britain’s oldest monarch, King Charles III was on Saturday, May 6, crowned in a magnificent and deeply religious ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

The coronation — a combination of ceremonies by the monarchy, church and state — was attended by world leaders and dignitaries from across the world as well as thousands of people in London.

It’s Britain’s first coronation in 70 years.

The Archbishop of Canterbury placed St Edward’s Crown on the King’s head. It’s the only time Charles will wear it in his life time.

Another “God save the King” from the Archbishop, and from the congregation. The abbey bells ring, trumpets sound and gun salutes are fired across the UK.

The King – escorted by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and Bishops Assistant, was enthroned.

The King took the throne, as the archbishop knelt before the monarch before pledging his faith to Charles III.

Charles had earlier taken the oath, while wearing his grandfather’s crimson velvet robe. He was anointed with holy oil, and presented with items of regalia.

Around 2,200 people, including the royal family, celebrities, faith leaders and heads of state, were inside the Abbey to witness the event.

Later in the service, Prince William pledged his loyalty to his father.

Traditionally, a succession of royals and peers are to homage by kneeling before the new king – swearing allegiance and kissing his right hand. But William was the only royal duke who did this at this time.

Queen Consort Camilla was also anointed and crowned in a simpler ceremony. She was crowned with Queen Mary’s Crown.

Earlier, the King and Queen Consort, Camilla, arrived for the service in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach. Thousands of people braved the rain to line the route from Buckingham Palace through central London.

After the service, there will be a second, larger procession before the couple appear on the Palace balcony.

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