Some restaurants lacing their foods with drugs, health expert raises alarm

by Ajuma Edwina Ameh
1 minutes read

A Neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Ifedilichukwu Uchendu, has disclosed that some restaurants in Nigeria are now lacing their foods with drugs to get patrons addicted to their cooking and ask for more.

According to him, the aroma and the tasty food will make the patrons to come back for more.

Uchendu, who is the founder of Centre for Information and Prevention of Mental Disorders (CIPMED), and one time Head, Mental Health Department, University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Persecondnews.

He said so many people are eating foods from such restaurants without being aware of that the food has been laced and therefore urged people to be more vigilant.

The expert said: “I have eaten in one of the restaurants before. Immediately I ate the food I knew it was laced with drugs from the way my body system changed.

“People are eating foods from these restaurants without being aware. You may notice your energy level increase or even sexual prowess.

“They lace their foods with these drugs; chemicals, opiums, to make customers addicted to their food and make you want more.”

“You keep craving for their food without knowing why. They use it as a bait to keep bringing you back,” Uchendu told Persecondnews.

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