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UAE set to reopen air, land and sea borders with Qatar

Qatar airways



The United Arab Emirates is set to reopen air, land and sea borders with Qatar from Saturday, WAM the UAE state news agency announced.

Khalid Abdullah Belhoul, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, said on Friday that the UAE will begin to end all measures taken in relation to Qatar since June 5, 2017, following the signing of the Al Ula Statement on Tuesday at the GCC summit in Saudi Arabia.

He said that the UAE will work to reopen all land, sea and airports for incoming and outgoing transport, and that the relevant authorities in the UAE have been instructed with these measures, which will begin on January 9.

These measures would strengthen the unity and cohesion of the Gulf, his statement added.

The announcement on Friday came after a week in which Saudi Arabia and Qatar agreed to restore relations.

Qatar Airways restarted flights through Saudi Arabian airspace on Thursday night.



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