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In one week, Nigeria loses 20 doctors to COVID-19 contracted from patients Inbox

In December alone, a total of 70 deaths were recorded by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

Coronavirus in Nigeria
By Boye Ajayi
At least,  20 Nigerian medical doctors have died within one week from COVID-19 having been infected by their patients who  did not disclose their status, reports Persecondnews.
Dr Job Enema Amodu, the Chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) in Abuja said at a briefing.
He said the fatalities were recorded across the country.
In December alone, a total of 70 deaths were recorded by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.
Amodu admonished patients visiting clinics and hospitals to declare their true health status to avoid exposing doctors and other health workers to the virus.
“For those of us in the health sector, we have lost quite a number of colleagues in the last one week alone. Across the country, we have lost not less than 20 doctors in the last one week.
“We also want to use this opportunity to talk to our patients; as you come to us in the hospitals, in the clinics, please oblige us.
“Wear your mask. Tell us the truth about your past medical condition and don’t hold any information back,” he said.
Amodu also said:“I am the Chairman of NMA, FCT and by the special grace of God, I am standing here today as a survivor because I inadvertently saw a patient that I didn’t know had COVID-19 and she didn’t tell me, and she knew.
“I was exposed, I contacted the virus, I developed symptoms but by the grace of God, my colleagues rallied around me and I survived.
“This second wave is so overwhelming; this second wave is more catastrophic, and this probably would be because a lot of people have gone back to the old way of doing things.
“They have thought that the virus is over, it has come, and it is gone, and they have let their guards down.”
PerSecondnews recalls that the pandemic which broke out in China in December  2018 and imported into Nigeria in March 2020 had over a 1000 lives.

Written by Per Second News


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