Dangote refinery begins equipment installation ahead of 2020 deadline

by Ruth Olurounbi
1 minutes read

The Dangote Oil Refining Company (DORC) Limited has begun installing equipment having received the regenerator for the Residual Fluid Catalytic (FCC) cracker, the one of the major component of its refinery.


The company had set 2020 deadline for operations despite suggestions that the oil refinery being built in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria would not meet up with the deadline.


“The refinery equipment are coming in semi-finished shape and we will finish them off here at the sight. The remaining are being manufactured in various countries, including China, India, America, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia,” Rama Putta, Head of Quality Assurance/Quality Compliance and Construction, at the company said.


According the company, the refinery is being designed to accommodate multiple grades of

domestic and foreign crude and process these into high-quality gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and aviation fuels that meet Euro V emissions specifications, plus polypropylene.


Dangote expects the refinery to stimulate economic development in Nigeria, according to Devakumar Edwin, Executive Director, Dangote Group, who said the refinery was designed to process a variety of light and medium grades of crude and produce extremely clean fuels that meet Euro V specification.

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