Despite challenges, APC will winning 2019 – Niboro

Former presidential spokesman and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress(APC) in Delta state, Olorogun Ima Niboro, has said that despite the challenges facing the country the party will win with a sizeable margin in the 2019 elections.

He also predicted that the APC would pull off a major upset in Delta state, where millions are yearning for genuine change and are increasingly finding the APC as a realistic alternative platform to effect that change.

Speaking to newsmen in Warri over the weekend, Niboro explained that while the national mood might be a little sombre in view of recent security challenges, there is still time to smooth over the challenges, re-arrange ruffled feathers within the party and outside, and forge ahead with a new hope toward 2019.

He pointed out that since politics is about platforms, the current demographic supports the APC infrastructure more than any other party going forward to 2019, and  predicted that with some nimble engineering of the party’s bulkhead, APC will sweep the polls in 2019.

He also predicted that the party would cause a major upset in Delta in 2019 given the widespread frustration in the State. “This was amply demonstrated in the last LGA elections. It was an eye opener for the closed, almost dynastic system that has governed the state since 1999. But for the shenanigans of the State controlled DSIEC,  APC would have scored a major upset in that election.”

He called on the teeming APC supporters in Delta to continue to keep faith with the party, pointing out that even though there may be a few wrinkles here and there, the leaders of the party are commitedly working to resolve them.

He said that the APC remains the only viable alternative platform to effect change in Delta, and urged supporters to continue to keep the faith, and the flag flying.


Written by Per Second News


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