This Stinks! Lagos filthy street in photo

This Stinks! Lagos filthy street in photo

Lagos has been called a lot of things. Fattest City. Most Polluted City. City With the Worst Traffic. Most populated.  Meanest City.  And today, if, God forbid, there were some list-happy visitors strolling down the Army Shopping Plaza in Oshodi, Lagos, would undoubtedly be declared the Stinkiest, Smelliest, Malodorousest, Putridest, Reekiest City In Nigeria.

The picture above is a refuse dump in front of Arena, Nigeria Army Shopping Plaza at Oshodi, Lagos, on 14th December, 2017.

Food waste and trash are getting so bad, with residents saying their trash has not been picked up in months.




Trash infant of ARENA Shopping Plaza, Lagos


The mess is overbearing, said a resident.