11 Major Terror Attacks, Beheadings, Church, Mosque Attacks in 2017

11 Major Terror Attacks, Beheadings, Church, Mosque Attacks in 2017

Terrorist attacks in Nigeria, Europe, and  the United States have made the biggest headlines around the globe in 2017, but there have been more than 100 more terrorist attacks this year. These are some of the deadliest ones that have happened so far.


1, Fulani Kill 10 in Adamawa State.

2017 saw a dramatic rise of terror attacks perpetrated by the nomadic herdsmen in Nigeria, who have been targeting Christians and trying to drive them out of the territory they claim.

Fulani terrorists raided the predominantly Christian village of Kwayine in Adamawa state on Jan. 7, destroying homes and killing 10. Six police officers and four civilians were among the dead, with the survivors sharing some of the horrors they witnessed.

Victims of herdsmen attack


“The Fulanis came into the village yesterday at about 2 p.m. They came upon us suddenly, chased us off, scattered us and burned our houses. We fled. I barely escaped with my life. Only God knows where some of our people are now. We don’t know what we did to them,” one of the victims said.


2. ISIS Slaughters 47 on Palm Sunday

The most deadly attack on churches in 2017 occurred on Palm Sunday in Egypt, where the Islamic State terror group carried out attack on two Churches filled with worshipers.

The bombing of St. George’s Church in the northern city of Tanta killed 29 believers and injured another 78, where an explosive device was planted close to the altar, going off while the congregation was singing hymns.

A suicide blast killed 18 and injured another 48 at St. Mark’s Orthodox Coptic Cathedral in Alexandria soon after.

4. Al-Shabaab beheads 9 in Kenya

Al-Shabaab, the Somali-based terror group beheaded at least nine people in Jima village in Lamu County on July 8.


5. 48 Christians killed in 9 days in Nigeria

The Fulani herdsmen attacks continued throughout 2017, though one particular nine-day period in October saw as many as  48 people massacred in separate incidents.

Church elder Dauda Samuel Kadiya of the Evangelical Church Winning All in Zanwrua explained how the Fulani broke through doors and destroyed houses and churches in the village.

“Every one of us ran to save his life,” Kadiya recalled. “I was shot at, but the bullet only bruised my hand.”

Agado Aura, a Roman Catholic, explained the the herdsmen smashed through windows and went door to door hunting for people.

“Having set fire on my house, they went to the next house and did the same. They continued burning houses until they were done, before they left,” he said.

The Rev. Andrew Okebe, the zonal coordinator of Christian Association of Nigeria, Miango District, spoke of another attack on an elementary school, where a number of women and children were killed while trying to hide from the terrorists.

6. 100 killed in Clashes with Herdsmen in Adamawa

Islamic Fulani herdsmen in northeastern Nigeria, who have been accused of aligning with the Boko Haram terror group, killed more than 100 Christians after reprisal clashes earlier this month with the suspected help of the military, according to a report.

The killings took place in Adamawa state, where tensions began after some herdsmen raped and murdered a pregnant woman belonging to the predominantly Christian Numan community on her farm, and also killed her husband and brother when they intervened, according to report in the media, which says that several community members staged a counterattack on the herdsmen but were ambushed.

The attack razed several villages in the southern part of the state, and a military jet bombed a Lutheran church and other targets, according to witnesses. The government claims it deployed military aircraft in response to the attack.

Stephen Mamza, chairman of the local Christian Association of Nigeria, was quoted as saying that the death toll is at least 100, and that others are still missing and might also be dead.


7. Ramadan Rage 2017.

Extremists killed more than 1,620 people during this year’s holiest month for Muslims, marking one of the deadliest Ramadans in modern history, Per Second News gathered. Hundreds of people lost their lives and many more injured as terrorists targeted Iraqi families feasting on ice cream, Londoners enjoying the nightlife, Kabul commuters headed to their jobs and lawmakers at work in Iran.


Ramadan attack in Tehran

8. Herdsmen kill 10 in Kogi

No fewer than 10 famers were killed in December as Fulani herdsmen invaded two local government councils in Kogi State after allegedly setting their farmlands on fire.

The incident took place in Omala and Yagba West local government councils. The farmers were shot to death by the herdsmen with AK 47 Machine guns.


9. Four suicide bombers kill 18 in Maiduguri

At least 18 people were killed and 29 others wounded in  Maiduguri in November after four suicide bombers carried out separate attacks.

The first explosion took place at a prayer ground in the Muna Gari suburb of the regional capital, Maiduguri. Other attacks followed in the same neighbourhood.

A total of eighteen persons including the four suicide bombers, died in the multiple explosions.

10. Herdsmen Murder 28 in Plateau state, including women and children

The Rev. Andrew Okebe, the Zonal Coordinator of Christian Association of Nigeria, Miango District, explained what happened during the attack:

“The soldiers had told the women and children to go and hide in the primary (elementary) school class at night while the men in the village constituted a vigilante group and join[ed] the soldiers in patrolling the area. Sadly, the militia descended and the soldiers fled, leaving the defenseless villagers to be massacred by the terrorists.”

In September, 20 Christians, including nine children, were slaughtered by the Fulani in the village of Ancha. Nineteen of the casualties were members of the Salama Baptist Church.

According to Morning Star News, police believe the attack was an act of revenge for a Fulani boy who was beheaded in a nearby village.

In August, the Rev. Jen Moses, a pastor with the Evangelical Church Winning All, was kidnapped by suspected Fulani hersdsmen while on his way to a church leadership seminar, but was later released.

11. 22 killed in Southern Kaduna

In February, herdsmen attacked Ashim, Nissi and Zilan in the Atakad District of Kaura Local Government Area and Bakin Kogi in Goska District of Jama’a Local Government Area of Kaduna state, killing at least 22 people.

According to Enoch Barau, a former leader of the Kaninkon Development Association, around 5 p.m., we heard gunshots within our surroundings. When I heard the gunshots three times, I came out of my house.

“The gunshots continued rapidly and before I could realise what was happening, they had surrounded part of the community. Many people coming down from the hillside saw and heard the shooting and ran for their lives.

“They (assailants) were in a complete black and black from head to toe. As they were shooting, we managed to evacuate women to a safe zone while the men stayed to defend the village.

“The shooting went on from between 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. before they eventually stopped.
“As they were shooting, they proceeded to burn our houses. Over 100 houses were set ablaze. Seven persons were killed instantly and one person is still missing.

“We have soldiers and policemen stationed in the community, unfortunately, the soldiers were just coming from the river where they went to have their bath. So they were taken unawares.